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We warmly welcome you to Club19, your singular destination for food, sports, fitness, fun and all things recreational. Come, relive those cherished childhood moments when you exchanged high fives or wept as one for a loss, plan for go dutch & rejoice in delicious cuisines. Time to get your lovable varsity jersey out and give your neighbor a shout or go challenge your colleague...better still make a new friend. Get Addicted to Play & Food...and create your own happily ever after!

A belief to create a playground where you can fit-in with other fellow misfits, where access is not limited by narrow memberships walls. A belief that you can play when you want...where you want...how you want, and not have to suffer the agony of wait. A belief to create a world where you can lose yourself and yet rediscover yourself, where you can be both the victor and the vanquished and laugh at being both. A belief...that happiness is a dish best served on the field.

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Club19 is the leading One-Stop Sports App to help bring back Play in everyday lives. We empower local communities to make new play pals, organize playgroups, share information/experiences and discover sporting venues/activities.
So, Start scheduling your time with us & we convert it into your happy moments with your friends. Book your time slot for minimum 1-Hour & proceed for your team challenge on the turf , you've selected by downloading the application.